Some things change... Others never will.

Rocco’s Pub & Pizza was named "Rocco's Pizzeria" when opened in 1958 by it's founders Thomas "Rocco" Barth and his wife Betty. It was a short commute to work for them as the Barth’s and three of their children (soon to be four) lived for a time in the back of their first location on King Street in Winona, MN while they looked for a home for their family.

Rocco's Pizzeria outgrew that first building and moved to a new location... then another, as both the city of Winona and the pizza business grew. In 1958, you could dine in, take out or have a pizza delivered to your door for only a dollar.

You still can!

Today, Rocco's Pub & Pizza is owned and operated by Bob Barth (remember that number 4 child who literally grew up in the pizza business?) and his wife Tammy. The famous Rocco’s Pizza’s are now created in two locations; one on Sixth Street in Goodview and the other located on 5th Street in winona. Now, it's easy to visit, order take-out or have a piping hot pizza delivered to you.

The locations have changed but the food is still prepared the same way it was in 1958. Homemade dough, fresh cut vegetables, the finest meats (Including Rocco’s own sausage) and Rocco's yummy sauce from the original Italian recipe are all combined to make sure that...

“East or West, Rocco’s is Best.”

Rocco's Pub and Pizzeria